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                                                            AS OF OCT. 11

VYC congratulates each of the athletes and coaches who participated in this year’s Championship. Regardless of which end of the score they wound up on we are very proud of the skill and sportsmanship exhibited throughout the day. As we are very fond of saying, “there were no losers out there today”

2013 Champions: 

Sr. Clinic | East Valley 35 - 7 Pasadena Ponies
Gremlin |  Pasadena 26 - 6 LASE Panthers
Tiny Mite | East Valley 7 - 0 LASE Panthers
Mity Mite | Northridge 26 - 24 Pasadena Ponies
Pee Wee | South Valley 40 - 0 Midvalley Titants

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